Volkswagen Group


The Volkswagen Group is one of the leading automobile manufacturers worldwide and the biggest automobile producer in Europe. The group operates 60 production facilities in over 20 countries around the globe, where it manufactures 9 different brands. The aim of the group is to offer attractive, safe and environmentally-friendly vehicles that remain competitive in an increasingly hard-fought market and set the global benchmark in their respective classes.


The cross-media, on-the-spot presentation of the new VW Touran in line with an international press launch for approx. 50 journalists from all over the world each day.


Thanks to its location, short distances, the areas available for displaying the demonstration vehicles and the smoothly coordinated organization for vehicle events, Düsseldorf Airport is an ideal venue for a driving presentation. A total of 35 demonstration vehicles were provided at Düsseldorf Airport for journalists to experience the technology and design highlights of the new Touran for themselves. The driving presentation was perfectly complemented inside the airport’s the main building. There, the VW Touran was showcased on a car presentation podium with a ceiling banner suspended above. This free-hanging medium served to welcome the journalists into the terminal and draw the attention of passengers, visitors and employees to the new vehicle. The use of City Light Posters and City Light Boards outside the terminal perfectly rounded off the cross-media presentation of the Touran at Düsseldorf Airport.