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DUS FAQ: How can we help you?

It goes without saying: We want to make your stay at Dusseldorf Airport as pleasant as possible. Sometimes, however, you might need some support here or there during your trip. Whenever you have any questions about the airport, we’ll try to help you as quickly as possible, of course, and we’ve put together the most frequently asked questions on this page for you.

Security Check

What wait times I should prepare for?

Wait times at the security checkpoints are very much subject to the time of day, passenger traffic, and current air control staffing situations. During optimum conditions, even seemingly long lines can move quickly.

What can I as a passenger do to speed up the security checks?

Find out beforehand which items you may include in your carry-on luggage, limit your carry-on to one piece of luggage, pack your luggage so that sensitive items like liquids and electronics can be retrieved easily, and follow the instructions of the security staff.  Find more information and links related to carry-ons on our Baggage pages.

Link for more information about carry-on

Priority lanes are not being enforced

Priority lanes are used when airlines request them. The airport accommodates this request as much as possible, but not always as the airlines envision. 
The federal police are responsible for security checks, and, according to guidelines from the Federal Ministry for Interior, must insist on priority lanes being open a few metres away from the checkpoints, so that switching from one lane to another becomes possible. The police must follow the regulation that, when populating lanes or performing checks, no distinction may be made between customers that have airline status and regular passengers. 

I left something behind at the security checkpoint

Items lost at the security checkpoint will be transferred  to the airport’s lost-and-found office. Find all contact information on the Website.

To Lost-and-Found Page

Staff is not being professional

All airport staff can be expected to be polite and friendly towards travellers. To this end, all our staff receive ongoing sensitivity training. During hectic and demanding days, however, a staff member might not act in a customer-friendly way. We apologise for any such occurrences, and our customer service is available if you wish to give personal feedback.

Who is responsible for security checking?

Aviation security is a sovereign task.  Hence in Germany, air security controls are the responsibility of the Federal Ministry for Interior and the aviation security authorities. At large airports, the federal police in charge use the services of private security providers. Flughafen Düsseldorf GmbH is the airport operator and, as such, supplies terminal space but has no additional contractual agreements with the offices in charge.

What does the airport do to manage on-going problems?

The airport prepares for the peak travel traffic with an extensive set of measures and a seven-figure budget. The goal is to provide optimum conditions for travellers to North-Rhine Westphalia‘s (NRW) largest airport. The average wait time for passengers is intended to fall within internationally accepted standards. During the holidays, the airport employs about 40 additional service staff. Additional passenger guides, service team members who assist passengers with directions, and information staff are available in the terminal as needed. Along with all other airport staff, they are always available to assist travellers.
Moreover, Düsseldorf Airport have restructured communication channels and intensified them as part of of a discussion panel. At the same time,we are providing information to the federal police this year with even more details about assessing staffing needs at security checkpoints. This summer, upgraded state-of-the-art sensor technology will be employed  to announce wait times. 
The main approach will remain as announced: an increase in the staffing level at security checkpoints by the security firms hired by the federal police. 
A second, permanent security firm hire would mean extra support during traffic peaks and definitely ease the situations in favor of travellers at checkpoints. For this, we as the airport operator are willing to take more responsibility by choosing and orienting this enterprise. To this end, the Federal Ministry for Interior in Berlin has received concrete, quickly realisable proposals months ago.  As of today, unfortunately, we have not been apprised of a suitable solution for this difficult situation.  

Baggage Handling

My luggage didn’t arrive. Why am I not getting more information?

Tracking and delivery of lost luggage is, according to transportation agreements between airline and passenger, the responsibility of the airlines. That is why it is difficult for us to interfere in the process. The airlines have service providers working for them to handle this task. Unfortunately, because we are not a client of these companies, we have no influence on their internal operations. Hence, we recommend our passengers to contact the airlines directly in these cases.

Find a list of all luggage handling partners here

Why does it take so long at baggage claim?

Luggage handling is part of what’s called ground handling services. The airlines and the service providers they are are responsible for these. Unfortunately, we are not able to influence the work processes and staffing decisions there. That is why it’s best for passengers to contact the airlines directly with complaints about wait times at baggage claim.

Why are strollers / animals / bulk luggage given out last?

The general rule is to return strollers and other bulk items first at baggage claim. If that is not the case, passengers have the option to contact their airline. According to transportation agreements, baggage handling is between airlines and passengers, and is the airlines’ responsibility.
Find contact information for all airlines here

Concerning your flight 

How far ahead should I be at the airport?

Please follow the recommendations of your airline or travel operator, because arrival times should be coordinated with the opening times of the check-in counters. The recommendations may vary according to destination and aircraft used.
When planning your travel times, please consider that during holidays your airport arrival times may be delayed by highway road traffic or at the check-in counters.

Can I check in the evening before?

Some airlines offer check-in on the evening before the flight.

Here is a list of airlines and their requirements for late-night check-in

Who can I contact if I miss my flight?

Please contact the the airline or your travel operator. 

Why are there no buses / stairs upon landing?

The regular flight schedule is the basis for determining resources. When there are deviations from the flight schedule, delays in handling can occur. This includes the deployment of buses and passenger steps.


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